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# 450

From Nature's Isle

by Moira Law

16" x 16" x 1.75" | Digital Collage | $295.00

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Status: Sold

Current Location: Shenkman Art Centre

Archival Paper and Ink on Wood Panel, Resin Finish I came to this stunning viewpoint after a relatively long, hot hike across Bonaventure Island, off the Gaspé coast. We had walked to the Gannet bird sanctuary early in the morning but the return was made in the heat of the day, as my camera was getting heavy and I was weary and thirsty. Then, coming up over the rise, I was stopped in my tracks by this view. And completely restored! It had been foggy in the morning but by then the visibility was perfect and across the water we could see the famous Roch Percé clearly, along with the little town of Gaspé nearby.



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