My website is mostly visual, since when it comes to art, I tend to communicate through images.  Here you will find my work that is available through Quinns of Tweed in Tweed, Ontario, Canada, through Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona, or through me, directly. 

I also have a page about me, a page of links to the galleries and  the websites of a few other artists whose work I like along with a contact page.    

You can find me on Facebook page - MOIRA LAW IMAGES -- where I post my most recent work and various articles of interest to artists and art lovers alike.  You can contact me through there or through the contact page here.  

Art can be purchased through the website here or at the Quin's of Tweed website.  I will get the exact shipping cost for anything you purchase here and charge you for it separately.  

Thanks for visiting and please come back again soon.  







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